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      AW-UE4 White
      • AW-UE4KG Black
      • ePTZ with IP Streaming
      • Inputs & outputs

      AW-UE4 ePTZ Camera - Panasonic


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      Compact 4K PTZ camera with high quality video output that excels in live production. The AW-UE4 is ideal for large and small spaces, with a wide viewing angle perfect for gathering areas or electronic sports production :

      • Ultra wide-angle lens with 111° field of view
      • 4K/30p video output
      • Video output via 3 interfaces, including HDMI, LAN and USB
      • Supports PoE or USB power options
      • AW-UE4KG (Black) / AW-UE4WG (White) Professional 4K PTZ Camera
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      Professional video production in a compact format

      The AW-UE4 4K PRO PTZ POV camera supports 4K 30p/29.97p/25p video output and is equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lens with a 111° field of view. This allows every part of the largest spaces to be captured and wide angle images to be transmitted even in the smallest installation spaces. The compact size and versatility of the UE4 housing makes it the perfect remote camera for recording/broadcasting everything from conferences and meetings to sports and other live productions.

      The UE4 supports either PoE or USB power, allowing video transmission, camera control and power supply through a single cable. In addition, the UE4 is highly efficient thanks to its compatibility with Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), which allows direct video uploads to live broadcast services such as YouTube Live.

      Ultra-wide-angleUltra wide angle 111°

      The horizontal viewing angle of 111° makes it possible to capture the entire space, regardless of the installation position.

      This wide-angle field of view makes the AW-EU4 an ideal camera for meeting rooms, conference rooms and areas requiring a wide reference view.

      Versatile video outputs

      Make your choice when selecting the video outputs. The AW-UE4 provides video outputs via HDMI, LAN and USB-C, giving you a range of options for today's camera installations, while preparing you for future video workflows.

      Flexible installation optionsSingle cable connectivity via PoE

      The UE4 supports PoE or USB power supply, allowing video transmission, camera control and power supply over a single cable. In addition to PoE power, USB cable power is also supported to allow operation without the need to connect an AC adapter.

      Flexible installation options

      The AW-UE4 can be installed in the spaces you need. It can be placed on a desk, attached to a tripod, suspended from the ceiling, or even mounted on the wall.

      Its small size and wide-angle lens give you remarkable flexibility, ensuring that everything goes smoothly in the shot.

      Multiple control optionsSimplified live broadcasting

      The AW-UE4 can be controlled via the web browser when connected to the network, allowing quick and easy camera movement, access to presets and image adjustments. In addition, the camera can be controlled using the AW-RM50 IR remote control and the AW-RP60 hardware camera controller. These control choices make it easy to integrate the UE4 into your video workflow.

      Live streaming made easy

      The AW-UE4 PRO PTZ camera is very powerful thanks to its RTMP / RTMPS compatibility for direct upload and sending of video to live streaming services such as YouTube, Facebook Live and other services that use RTMP / RTMPS for video transmission.


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