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We offer a selection of Panasonic products among cameras, handheld camcorders, turret cameras and video mixers for professional users.
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  • New range of PTZ 4K 50p cameras offering new opportunities for your video production.First integrated PTZ camera 4K 50p Horizontal view angle of 75.1 ° 4K interfaces (12G-SDI, HDMI, IP, fiber optic) 20x optical zoom 4K / HD simultaneous output

    11 000,00 € excl. tax
  • Standard model of the UX range for making high quality 4K / FHD recordings very simply. The perfect camcorder for professional use.4K (UHD) / FHD Camcorder Wide angle 24,5mm 15x optical zoom MOS sensor type 1 Intelligent Auto Focus Function

    2 295,00 € excl. tax
  • A 4K 60p / 50p camcorder with a 24mm wide angle lens whose technical specifications are intended for professional users.Wide angle optics 24mm 20x optical zoom MOS sensor 1.0 Advanced Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) Intelligent Autofocus Function

    3 450,00 € excl. tax
  • A 4K camcorder with a 13x LEICA DICOMAR 4K fixed lens3/4-type sensor developed for excellent bokeh effects and 4K resolution LEICA DICOMAR 13x zoom lens and 28mm wide angle A high resolution UHD / 60p recording

    4 699,00 € excl. tax
  • Battery for 4K AG-DV200 Hand Camcorder and AJ-PX270 HD Hand Camcorder.

    190,00 € 171,00 € excl. tax
  • Battery for 4K AG-DVX200 Hand Camcorder and AJ-PX270 HD Hand Camcorder.

    310,00 € excl. tax
  • Battery for 4K AG-DVX200 Hand Camcorder and AJ-PX270 HD Hand Camcorder.

    420,00 € excl. tax
  • Le chargeur deux batteries AG-BRD50 peut être utilisé avec la gamme de batteries AG-VBR (AG-VBR118, AG-VBR89 & AG-VBR59) pour caméras AG-DVX200 et AJ-PX270. Il est également compatible avec les batteries VW-VBD55 (gamme AG-AC90) et VW-VBG6 (gammes AG-AC160 et AG-AC130)

    230,00 € excl. tax
  • The UA-EVA1 with its 5.7K Super 35mm sensor is custom-designed for handheld camera shooting, but also for use on gimbals, drones and light stems. The EVA1 is ideally suited for producing independent films, documentaries and music videos, as well as the secondary camera for larger production.

    7 290,00 € excl. tax
  • Full HD camera with integrated robotic head and MOS sensor type 1 / 2,330x optical zoom PoE + support Night mode (automatic switchover) High Dynamic Range Mode (HDR) Video input: HD-SDI

    3 450,00 € excl. tax
  • With its numerous functions and outputs, the 4K AW-UE70 turret camera can be used for professional applications such as remote video production, live events, videoconferences ...MOS sensor type 1 / 2,3 20x optical zoom Advanced Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) 4K video via HDMI, USB and LAN HD video via 3G-SDI

    4 850,00 € excl. tax
  • This model replaces the AW-HE120 offering new features for increased versatility.3 MOS sensors type 1 / 2,86 Optical Image Stabilizer (IOS) 20x optical zoom Audio input Night mode Fanless design

    6 630,00 € excl. tax
  • Versatile and easy-to-use control deskSerial control up to 5 turret cameras Full control of the configuration and image quality 100 preset memories (maximum) available per camera Configuring various settings via your PC (supplied software) IP control up to 100 desks AW-HE50S/H

    2 100,00 € excl. tax
  • High performance HD / SD video mixer with multi-screen functionCompact and professional Multi-screen function 5 inputs / 3 outputs Transition functions

    3 570,00 € excl. tax
  • Video mixer with intuitive interface and high-end featuresExtensible 1ME mixer with improved user interface Multi-format HD / SD with 9 inputs as standard (up to 13 inputs max) High quality memory functions and effects

    8 100,00 € excl. tax
  • HD mixer with standard 16 SDI inputs + 4 SDI outputs + 2 DVI outputs and a double image mosaic4 up-convertions and 8 color correctors Redundant power supply Double mosaic of output images that can display up to 20 windows Shooting memory and PinP Wide panel of 2D and 3D effects PTZ camera control with functions: Recall and backup

    17 000,00 € excl. tax
  • Control panel compatible with Panasonic robotic cameras. IP connection possible to control up to 100 cameras and a new joystick to quickly and efficiently control movement.New Joystick: Pan / Tilt Control Key Functions: Color Adjustment - Memorization of Settings and Displacements Control and IP connection Saving presets on SD card

    3 590,00 € excl. tax
Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items