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      AW-RP60 Remote Camera Controller - Panasonic
      • AW-RP60 Remote Camera Controller - Panasonic
      • AW-RP60GJ Camera Controller
      • Flexible customisation

      AW-RP60 Remote Camera Controller - Panasonic


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      A compact controller for use with Panasonic PRO PTZ remote cameras. The AW-RP60 features an enhanced joystick for flexible and responsive control of up to 200 robotic cameras, as well as easy management of up to 100 camera presets :

      • Remote control of up to 200 robotic network cameras
      • Intuitive joystick for flexible and responsive control of PTZ cameras
      • The 3.5-inch LCD screen displays the menu and key camera information such as iris, zoom and focus.
      • Easy management of up to 100 PTZ camera presets
      • PoE+ support
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      AW-RP60 PRO PTZ camera controller3.5

      Introducing the brand new AW-RP60 remote control. Featuring a large LCD screen for displaying a GUI menu screen with clear visibility and an improved joystick for smoother control, this remote control is the ideal companion for Panasonic PRO PTZ camera models.

      Thanks to the improved graphical user interface, all important camera information such as iris, zoom and focus can be viewed directly on the screen at any time.

      The AW-RP60 is also capable of supporting up to 200 cameras, manages 100 presets and has PoE support for easy integration into your video workflow.

      3.5-inch LCD display

      The AW-RP60 controller is equipped with a 3.5-inch LCD screen to provide a GUI menu where the information you need is provided at a glance for quick and intuitive control of the unit.

      Flexible customisation

      The controller is equipped with 4 user-assignable buttons to which up to eight functions of your choice can be assigned. Each preset name can also be personalised using a PC tool. The controller's flexible features make it perfect for use in a wide range of environments, from corporate conferences and seminars to live broadcasting and sports events.

      Handy JoystickAdvanced Joystick

      The new joystick allows smooth pan and tilt operations and ensures accurate image capture of your target. The joystick handle is approximately 1.5 times larger than that of the previous model, AW-RP50, allowing even more stable operation of the PTZ PRO camera.


      PoE (Power over ethernet) support allows power and control of the cameras to be provided via a single Ethernet cable. In addition to camera control, gamma, white balance and other colour adjustment functions can be made, allowing advanced camera settings.


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