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    DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor mounting keyboard
    • DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor mounting keyboard
    • DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor - Blackmagic Design (DV/RES/BBPNLMLEKA)
    • Rear Connections

    DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor - Blackmagic Design

    New product

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    New generation assembly keyboard designed in conjunction with the Cut page to speed up assembly :

    • Compact format with essential editing functions
    • Jog & Shuttle wheel
    • Bluetooth wireless connection and internal battery
    • USB-C connection
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    Control with the thumbwheel

    By using the DaVinci Resolve keyboard, you will be more responsive to editing than with a mouse. The scroll wheel is made of machined metal, so you can manipulate it quickly to move around your timeline. You can also use it for live cropping. Simply press one of the "Trim" buttons to turn it into a precise real-time trimming command. Quickly change functions with Shuttle, Jog & Scroll buttons.

    Fast in and out points

    The marking of mounting points is one of the most common operations carried out by editors. That's why the Speed Editor keyboard contains easy to spot entry and exit point buttons. This is ideal for two-handed editing, where the right hand is used for transport controls and the left hand is used to place entry and exit points and perform editing quickly. Simply scroll with the wheel and place entry and exit points anywhere!

    Once you have set these, simply move your finger upwards to reach the mounting buttons. The input and output points can also be used to reduce the source tape. Then you can redistribute the source tape to the entire bin by pressing the Escape button.

    "Smart Insert" function

    The "Smart Insert" button is similar to the traditional insert function, but it is smarter to use because you don't need to switch to the timeline and place the entry point. Simply press the "Smart Insert" button to find the closest edit in the timeline and insert the clip there.

    Compact format

    Designed in a compact format for mobility, the DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor keyboard does not have the QWERTY keys but has the essential mounting keys.

    However, compared to the traditional keyboard editor, it also contains other keys! In addition, when pressed long or twice, some of the keys have other functions. As a result, the keyboard retains all its functions, but in a more compact and portable format. These keys are grouped by category, so that you can easily find them by touch, making it possible to change images more quickly than using a normal keyboard.


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